Resilient subscription billing systems on par with next gen technology

Recurring Revenue Management Solutions for Subscription Based Businesses of Various Sizes & Complexities.


Billing Complexities Erased

Explore the true potentials of cloud billing

Convergent Platform

Convergence is the name of the game in the complex world of technology and technology based...

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Subscription Monetisation

The subscription revolution has begun and enterprises big and small have started to realise the...

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Enterprise Grade Offerings

Enterprise grade makes a huge difference when crafting solutions. Robustness and scalability...

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Deep Product Configurability

NGB as a product is deeply configured with various individual product based modules ...

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Cloud Native

Complex systems and applications are moving to the cloud and this is a well known fact. Organizations...

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Dynamic Integration & Framework

Our Agile Methodologies have simplified the process in the enterprise grade integration ...

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Overcome Subscription Billing Hassles

With Advanced architectural platforms

NGB Fosters Robust & Resilient Billing Technologies.

To deliver seamless billing solutions to clients across the globe

  • NGB as a billing solutions provider and recurring revenue management platform adheres to dictums that govern the technology landscapes of the modern day and crafts solutions that are future proof and resilient and that which lead to a hassle free billing experience


Billing & CRM automation with NGB

Explore some of our solution based features

Agile Architecture & Easy Integration

Easy to integrate and scalability so as to be future proof is the crux of modern day information...Read More

Flexible plan pricing catalogue

What todays businesses offer is not just solutions but custom tailored services and service... Read More

Customer lifecycle, Service Fulfillment & Order Orchestration

What todays businesses offer is not just solutions but custom tailored services and service ... Read More

Robust Billing & Revenue Management

NGB is a robust and agile subscription billing and recurring revenue management platform designed ... Read More

Built in CRM and Mobility Functionalities

Customers are the key to a succesful business and needless to say the relation ships formed... Read More

Comprehensive Inventory & Logistics

Service providers deal with a host of inventory and logistics related procedures related to... Read More

Customizable Solutions for Multiple Subscription Models

NGB is a market ready product capable of catering to wide ranging subscription based businesses. However
NGB can be custom-built to meet your business needs with complex requirements, varying sizes & differing models.

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We are part of the subscription economy ever since it started.

Subscription based businesses have been harnessing our services for over a decade and a half.

NGB has been catering to subscription based businesses for over a decade and half providing billing solutions to businesses big and small on global and domestic basis developing recurring revenue management based applications for businesses of varying nature, complexities, sizes and industries.

OSS/BSS Integrations are dexterous and seamless,

OSS and BSS integrations are of utmost significance as business and operational processes are at the fore front of the business conduct. Realising this NGB as such incorporates the best of the architectures that are light weight and highly resilient so as to make operational systems and business support system integrations seamless and performance hassles free.


Our solutions at a glance

Wide ranging solutions for a broad range of recurring revenue based industries

Cable / MSO Billing

The world of digitization has brought about an immense change in the Indian contexts... Read More

Cloud Billing

Leverage the power of the cloud, Trigital provides SaaS based solutions and services... Read More

ISP / Broadband Billing

Ngb is a Cloud Native Enterprise Billing and CRM. Let know more how companies... Read More

OTT Billing

Trigital has evolved to be a leader in providing billing services, systems with wide ranging... Read More

DTH Billing

Trigital has been providing cloud based subscription billing services along with the passing periods... Read More

IOT Billing

IOT or internet of things is the buzz word in the present day world of automation with several... Read More


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