OTT Billing

Trigital has evolved to be a leader in providing billing services, systems with wide ranging subscription activities and solutions in catering to the needs and demands of the challenging domains of the IPTV market as it is proficient with essential technologies capable of providing the best of the solutions on PAR with the changing industrial standards and scenarios of the future

Processing, authorization and billing for on-demand transactional content in real-time, VOD (video-on-demand) OTT services that allow the subscribers to order content at their convenience - anywhere, any time. Advanced over-the-top (OTT) services and applications, capable of running on all types of mobile and fixed devices which provide seamless connectivity any time, anywhere.

Billing and CRM for OTT operators, Content digitization and the availability of unlimited high-speed internet access and piling media devices have brought a new era in OTT services. This extends a major opportunity for content bearers and service providers to address the customer need everywhere.

From the billing perspective, most of the present billing systems may be unable to define customers without any physical identity. Thus, OTT billing should be an enabler to the mobile service providers in order to capitalize on their existing business models without becoming a barrier to the winning customers. Such a scenario necessitates the requirement of an innovative billing system, capable of recognizing customers on the basis of their interests and support event based postpaid and pre-paid billing integrated with a third party software.

NGB billing platform serves as a single platform for this purpose- for OTT, VAS along with other digital services. Thus, a mobile-based payment made for the digital content at any app store is available to be attached to the subscriber’s billing. This allows the service operator to serve as a digital service distributor and collect additional revenue through service sales along with partnership.