Comprehensive Inventory & Logistics

Service providers deal with a host of inventory and logistics related procedures related to management of electronic hardware consumables,provisionable and non provisionable devices etc part of individual service deliverence plans and provisions. Inventory management and logitics in such cases where there is extensive use of hardware and other device based configirations part of service provisioning play a vital role and needs to be integral to the revenue management system that can comprehensively manage inventory and logistcs so as to seamlessly infuse dexterity in corelation to the procedurs and proceses being applied during the course of business conduct and serivce deliverence.

NGB as a revenue managementg tool can adeptly include Warranty and State Management, Warehouse and Stockpoints, Purchase Voucher Tracking,Track Device,Other than Hardware like IP Voucher Management,Material Transfers,Bulk Upload functionality etc.