Robust Billing & Revenue Management

NGB is a robust and agile subscription billing and recurring revenue management platform designed and developed to cater to the modern day billing requirements necissated by various industries In the recuring revenue management segments.

The growing business needs brought about by the varying scenarious of dyanamic change have fostered new challenges capable of being addressed by the different technological renditions fostered and augmented by demand and transformation also significantly incrementalised by the technological change as such and NGB is just the same a platform that is resilent and robust capable of seamlessly integrating billing applications in the world of the recurring revenue management domains as dictated and commanded by demand and change.

Managing subscriber life cycles,integrating payment gateways,CRM and comprehensively dealing with One Time Charge,Metering& Charging, Recurring Charges,Credit / Debit Notes,Collections & Online Payments and Reversal,Deposit and Refunds,Complex Account Structure and GL Mapping,Reseller / Partner Account Management and several aspects of billing is NGBS forte in supporting entities and businesses efficiently overcome subscription billing related hassles and constrains.

Core Platform - Built on advanced and most recent tech stack

  • Multi Tenancy — Full Cloud deployment and SaaS&PaaS services
  • Multi-Currency & Country
  • I18nInternationalization: ½ dozen languages converted
  • RBAC (User role based Permissions) With Office Hierarchical
  • Geolocation / IP Address track for fraud Management
  • Automation for optimal operational efficiency
  • SSL Security by default
  • 100% RESTfull API with SPA Client using Angular.js
  • Encryption of Data wherever necessary
  • Easy Integration and Mobility
  • Easy Administration / configuration
  • Plug and Play components for more flexibility
  • Workflow Management - flexibility to ascribe functions associated to events

Order to Provision & Billing

Product Packaging and Pricing Management is most crucial component for the service industry. OBS Provides a flexible product catalogue for managing the complete range of products, services, charge elements.

Recurring Charge or One-time Sale, Recurring subscriptions with various billing frequency and metered usage (we are making every effort to make it a perfect and scalable solution)

Charge as you wish :

Get full control on how you would like to charge Set your Frequency like weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, bi-monthly, Half, yearly and custom defined billing pricing plans. Power of one-time charges in any amount.

Add On’s :

Various models of subscription pricing through our add-ons. like usage, metering or slab quantity etc.

Coupons & Discounts :

Coupons and discounts attract, retain, and delight customers at any stage of their subscription, While the customer avail the service for the first time many of the company would like to offer them first month service as free. Taxes we take the pain out of collecting taxes which can be of multiple with an inclusive / exclusive of Change amount.

Anniversary Billing :

Most merchants want to bill their monthly subscribers based on when they signed up date. Other type that we support as a standard practice is the calendar month Flexibility in Post-paid / Pre-paid with an option of renewal for a fixed term contract while being in post-paid and top up in case of pre-paid plans.

Setup/Initial Fees / Registration Amount :

When you’re ready to start giving services to the recurring customer there may be a need for charging for one time amount either for the Registration / Setup Fee.

Customer Lifecycle Management :

As a process there are. Disconnection of order on demand, Auto Expired Disconnection, Reconnections, Renewals, Extension, Supported upsell or downgrades all these are tracked. If there are any devices associated to services and if there is a need for replacement of the device without the agreement / order impact a smooth transfer on to new device is handled by the system brilliantly. On Demand one time service which is supported by subscription wallet or transactional ordering for especially VOD and live events.

OBS platform can effectively schedule order processing based on future schedules or dates and time lines.

Integrations with Third Party Systems

OBS is built for Versatile Integrations that has been Pre-built in the system.

A dozen of Conditional Access systems with reference to


Verimatrix, NSTV, NDS

IPTV Middleware :

Stalker, Beenius, Zebra Ott, Cubiware


Packet Shaper, Netspan & Freeradius
Payment Gateway Integration that are PCI compliant

Mobile Payment Gateway :

TigoPesa & Mpesa

Online Payment Gateway :

Netellar, Korta, Dalpay
CCAvenue, 2Checkout, Globalpay

Financial Integration :


Advantage based features

Inventory Management :

It is used to control the items, location and quantity of physical goods and track their movements providing a greater flexibility in sale of goods to customers and associated partners.

Vouchers & Redemption :

Vouchers are an alternative “across module” way of paying an amount of money against an accounts receivable, i.e. crediting the accounts receivable in order to be consumed by the account owner either on products / services of his choice or on specific products / services denoted by the voucher itself.

Reseller Management :

When there is need to manage the wholesale delivery via the Resellers, We have build a superb module to handle the reseller so that they are given with exclusive rights to manage their customer and business with various model either commission or do a wholesale or with a credit control. Moreover they have an option to white label it.

Lead Management :

The Leads module provides the ability to create and keep track of the leads related to existing or prospect customers.

Ticketing System :

Ticket Management helps Service Providers improve service desk operations by automating and facilitating customer support, reducing time-to-resolution, provides a comprehensive set of capabilities for end-to-end customer problem resolution and delivering a superior customer experience.

My Account (Selfcare Portal) :

Self-care to aid the job of Back Office in some of the basic operation and enable their customers to view the status and make online payment / avail the service changes.

IP Management :

Dunning Management: Dunning is the process of how you handle the dues. It involves in sending reminders and communicating with your customers in response to failed credit card transactions, and what action you take when the subscription can’t be renewed. Real-time Commission tracking at multi-level to Partners / Content Providers.

Asset Inventory and Basic CMS for Media, VOD and OTT Platforms.

Advantage based Business Optimization

Dynamic Query Reporting :

Summary Reports
Option to push key reports to Admin
Report access via API
Business Analytic on Demand
Best Practices in Deployment of the Solution
Team based Agile Project Management during implementation too

Aim for Subscriber Growth reduce churn, Increase Revenue and Peer Ranking