About NGB

NGB is a generation next SaaS based subscription Billing & CRM system designed and developed to provide end-to-end E-business solutions and services to Media, Data, Voice & Iot segments in need of subscription billing services and recurring revenue management solutions.NGB caters to Recurring revenue management, Billing and payment processing services applying open source service platforms and modules.

Next Generation Billing NGB is a resilient billing platform and a flagship product developed by Trigital technologies. Trigital has rendered services to some of the best in the recurring revenue management domains, catering to some of the best in the industry with reference to the national and the international markets.

NGB is a resilient, top notch and value-based billing system developed using the most relevant and recent platforms of innovative technology which evolved to be robust and flexible in the sense of serving various applicable industries pertaining information technology, quad play, CRM, etc.NGB can efficiently cater to OSS&BSS integrations for seamless work flows and service delivery that pertain to different IT segments related to subscription billing automation and recurring revenue management DTH, ISP, Cable TV,IOT and M to M sectors being a few of them.