IOT Billing

IOT or internet of things is the buzz word in the present day world of automation with several of the industries and businesses opting for internet based automation and leverage. Internet has invariably opened up innumerable opportunities, enfolding “things “and encasing possibilities...

Various systems are integrated and interfaced with one another precisely and controlled on automated basis, data being the most crucial and the fundamental aspect involved playing a governing role in inferences and initiation during the process of synchronised automation. A variety of applications and application based modules enable a new world of possibilities dotting the several landscapes on many industrial frontiers and business landscapes.

Billing serves to be an incremental factor that helps monetise revenue when catering to a wide spectrum of customers and Trigital can seamlessly incorporate efficient billing systems for different IOT & M to M applications and solutions. Metering, charging and other subscription based services can be dealt with dexterity for a wholesome billing experience with Trigital’s expertise monetising, various subscription based services.